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Who we are?

Heritage Investigative Group, Inc., (HIG), is a full service investigative agency specializing in workers’ compensation, auto and general liability claims.

Our staff is comprised of seasoned full time investigators, military veterans, bilingual staff, SIU specialists, former law enforcement and insurance trained veterans. All with over 10 years experience.

HIG clients include Fortune 500
companies, insurance carriers, third party administrators, governmental agencies, insurance brokers, special investigative units (SIU) and the legal community.


Surveillance, Fraud Investigations, Profile Plus, Comprehensive Background, Checks, Activity Checks, Alive and Well Checks, SIU Investigation, Hospital, Pharmacy Canvasses


The “Profile Plus” is an innovative, comprehensive background check that includes a SSN trace, address verification, a local, state, and national criminal, civil, bankruptcy and asset court records check, a social networking search, motor vehicle and driver’s license searches, an employment search, a professional and private licensing search, and more..


Our purpose is to help the insurance industry and private sector manage and mitigate risk. We build value, trust and loyalty though the strength of our staff and customers’ satisfaction by consistently producing superior results.


Litigation arising from employee misconduct costs employers billions of dollars annually. Increasingly, lawsuits are focused on the quality of the workplace undercover investigation. Heritage Investigative Services goes beyond solving problems so you understand why things happen, not just that they happened. Our seasoned team of professional corporate investigators have the experience and unique skill to conduct effective investigations and Evidence-Based Interviews that will produce objective results and withstand scrutiny.

Our experienced undercover investigators are able to effectively assist clients in identifying, stopping and preventing theft as well as a host of other forms of employee misconduct and crimes against the organization and more….

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