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Profile Plus

A comprehensive research report designed to maximize client savings by locating and analyzing an individual’s online footprint. Our team of experts meticulously generates each Profile Plus Report to include Social Network Searches, Comprehensive Database Searches, Address & Telephone Verifications, Motor Vehicle Information and Geographic Data.

Service of Process

We take great care to vary the schedule and location of case attempts so as to best serve the subject. All services are followed up by a notarized Affidavit of Service. Files can be emailed or mailed. Courier service is available for bulk documents upon request.

Hospital and Pharmacy Canvases

We specialize in contacting medical facilities throughout the country, and also provide a variety of reports that are useful in claims administration, investigations, fraud detection and litigation.


Heritage Investigative Group (HIG) can provide detailed background information surrounding an employee’s initial claim for injuries. Understanding the circumstances related to  the injured workers employment is paramount. Our investigators conduct interviews with claimants, witnesses and employers to uncover all the facts with a clear knowledge of carrier policies and jurisdictions. Heritage AOE/COE investigations determine whether a claim is fraudulent or legitimate. Every time.


Our team of highly trained, resourceful and efficient investigators are the most experienced in the insurance industry. Our fraud consulting and integrated technologies deliver bottom line results to claims professionals and SIU teams across the country.  Our dedicated support staff, account management team and infrastructure provides cutting edge responsiveness and timely delivery to our clients. Making Heritage the obvious choice.

Activity Checks

A precursor to surveillance, an Activity Check can uncover information pertaining to a claimant’s known physical activities at distinct periods of time, determining when surveillance will be most successful.

Alive and Wellness Checks

Heritage Investigative Group will validate and verify your claimant’s current health status, medical treatment and current address with our in person Alive and Well check. We verify any employment and/or disability status, social security number, date of birth, current phone, spouse and children information. We also obtain signatures and fill out any mandated questionnaires as needed or required. A superior level of courtesy and professionalism is maintained at all times during the interview process.

Background Investigations

Reports may consist of criminal history records, civil records history, previous address histories, vehicle information, relatives, businesses and other assets. The comprehensive outreach of our full-time field investigators also allows for in person civil and criminal record retrieval at courthouses, if needed.